The main WikiTrust developers are:

  • Luca de Alfaro (UC Santa Cruz, Computer Science Department)
  • Bo Adler (UC Santa Cruz, Computer Science Department)
  • Ian Pye (UC Santa Cruz, Computer Science Department)

Here are some photos of us.  We also thank the following people for their most helpful contributions:

  • Dietmar Julius Gabby (he is providing invaluable help in optimizing database performance).
  • Krishnendu Chatterjee (he helped devise algorithms for user reputation that are robust with respect to many types of attack).
  • Vishwanath Raman (he helped with the algorithms that compute user reputation, and he studied the problem of measuring user contributions).
  • Gillian Smith (she did early infrastructure work, and she worked on measuring how article categories can be used to obtain finer notions of author reputation).
  • Caitlin Sadowski (she took many nice photos of us!).
  • Marco Faella (he helped during the early development stages of the batch system, implementing various algorithms to measure author contributions).
  • Jason Benterou (he did some of the intitial versions of the php code)
  • Arden Rzewnicki (logo design)
The WikiTrust project would not be possible without all the help we received!  Many thanks to all.