Installation Notes

  • If you plan to use WikiTrust on very large wikis, and in particular on the English Wikipedia, you need to install it on a 64-bit linux system.  Due to an Ocaml limitation, a 32-bit installation will lead to errors (in the Buffer module) when working on very large datasets. 
  • If you plan to use WikiTrust as a Mediawiki extension, you need to install the code in the MediaWiki extension directory (or else, you can build a symbolic link).  In Ubuntu, the MediaWiki extension directory is /var/lib/mediawiki/extensions
  • Download WikiTrust from GitHub. You can "make your own tarball" of any version or release you like of the code, or you can clone the git repository.  Cloning the repository is the better approach, as it makes it easier to keep the code up to date.  If you use git:
    • To clone the master branch, do:
git clone git://
    • To bring the code up to date, do:
git fetch
git merge origin/master