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One of us (Bo Adler) has written an experimental Firefox extension that enables the use of WikiTrust on some Wikipedias.  This enables us to experiment with WikiTrust, and iron out bugs, while looking at interesting pages.  If you want to use it, do the following:
  1. Install the WikiTrust add-on for Firefox
  2. Visit the Italian Wikipedia or the Portuguese Wikipedia (we will be adding other Wikipedias soon).
We are using this extension to test our code, and we would most welcome feedback.

The extension works as follows: when you visit pages of some Wikipedias, the extension detects it, and it adds a ''trust tab'' to the Wikipedia, as if the Wikipedia was using the WikiTrust extension. When you click on this tab, the extension request our UC Santa Cruz servers for the trust information for that page, and sends that information to the Wikipedia to get templates, photos, and any other missing information. The extension then colors and displays the result according to text trust. Furthermore, if you click on a word, you are sent to the diff corresponding to the edit where the word (and the neighbouring text) was first inserted.

You may notice that the extension is a little slow: this is due to the need of fetching information from both UC Santa Cruz and the Wikipedia; there is some back-and-forth there that slows things down. If WikiTrust is used as an extension on a wiki and installed normally (rather than via a Firefox extension), things are much faster.

The extension fetches the trust information from our UCSC server. If we don't have text trust information for the revision you are interested in, our server will download the information from the Wikipedia, and analyze it. The trust information will then be available to you. Normally this update process is relatively fast, and takes under 30 seconds. In some cases, we need to analyze a page consisting of many revisions from scratch (this happens when we have no prior analysis of any revision of that page). In this case, if the page is popular (thousands of revisions), the process can take a few minutes. Again, this delay is an artifact of WikiTrust running separately from the Wikipedia.
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