WikiTrust Batch Mode

Analyze edits in batch mode for research/statistical purposes

WikiTrust can be used in batch mode, to analyze wiki information dumps, among which:

  • Amount of user contribution
  • User-to-user social collaboration graphs
  • Revision-to-revision infomation reuse metrics
  • Episodes of collaboration and edit wars

We use the dump format used by the Wikipedia; you can download many such dumps from The analysis is easily extensible: it includes a powerful infrastructure for tracking the history of text across the revisions of a wiki article; on top of this infrastructure, it is easy to build "wiki visitor" algorithms that compute a wide range of statistics. Here is some help on how to write your own wiki analysis. The statistics already implemented compute:

  • Author reputation histories in time
  • Text trust for all article revisions
  • Amount of contribution given by each author, where contributions can be measured according to various metrics
  • Quarrel/reversion identification.

Here is a description of the statistics computed by WikiTrust, an on how to use them to build social graphs.

We have a WikiTrust discussion group where you can discuss the tool and its code, and that you can use to give us feedback and suggestions.